About us

Your Trusted Partner

Carmelo Abela is one of the oldest food importation companies in Malta, behind a vast line of top products on consumer shelves across the islands. The company is equipped to store and distribute food products of all temperatures, and has established a reputation locally for its after-sale service and expertise in the food industry.


Innovation and expertise you can trust

A steady year-on-year growth backed by generations of experience in the food and beverage distribution industry.

Our Mission

We strive to continue positioning ourselves at the forefront of the FMCG industry, using the same mission that has been passed on for generations, directing our efforts to marketing premium brands that consumers and professionals can't live without.

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Our Future

The food industry is rapidly changing and yesterday's business model does not always apply tomorrow. It's because of this that Carmelo Abela has survived for almost a century and will continue to go where the market takes it.

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Our History

The company originated in 1932 when founders Carmelo and Giovanna Abela distributed food in Malta's war-damaged capital, Valletta. From this, developed a family wholesale business distributing food to retail outlets across the islands.

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About Us

Importing and distributing a range of high profile brands from around the globe.

For decades our company has been importing and distributing goods from all over the world, ranging from EU countries such as Italy and Holland to the UK and America. Our temperature-controlled storage facilities cater for chilled, dry, and frozen products.

We go beyond sales to sharing our knowledge of the food industry we have established over the years. From supermarkets, mini markets, and convenience shops to caterers, restaurants and hotels, our clientele values us for our vast expertise in the sector.


What make us different

Our partners come first

Maintaining a long-lasting, proactive relationship with both our customers and suppliers has always been our priority.

Constant improvement

Communication is everything. We are regularly reaching out to clients and suppliers to see how our services can be improved.

Next day delivery

We value the importance of every order and make it our priority to ensure that our clients receieve their products in minimal time.

Brands we believe in

Carmelo Abela only imports certified brands. High quality brands that have made their way to the top of the local food industry.

Technology and data

We are constantly analysing trends and improving systems to ensure that we are always at the forefront of our industry.
message from the directors

“We've invested our life in growing this company and its employees.”

Pierre Abela | Steve Abela

Our Team. Our extended family.

We strongly believe in the values that come with being a family-run business and are proud to have shared these values with all our employees.

Maria Magro


Steve Abela


Pierre Abela


Keith Abela


Cain Abela


Over 100 years of experience

A vast amount of knowlede and expertise was past on from generation to generation and although company processes have adapted to the times the roots of Carmelo Abela remain the same.