History - 1932

The company originated in 1932 when founders Carmelo and Giovanna Abela distributed food in Malta's war-damaged capital, Valletta. From this, developed a family wholesale business distributing food to retail outlets across the islands. The company soon started operating as both a direct importer and distributor with its own dry and cold stores. This act of initiative served as an early indicator of the company’s ability to foresee customers’ needs and satisfy them in the most efficient and professional means possible. Carmelo Abela recognised that investment in its own storage and distribution operations would enable it to offer superior levels of service. This decision, made back in the 1950s, still sets us apart today.

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The next generation of the Abela family took over the business in 1953. Brothers Joseph and John ensured the retention of Carmelo Abela’s values and principles; qualities which were, and still are, crucial to the make up and day-to-day running of the business. Their recipe for success was very similar to that of their father, consisting most prominently of providing superior levels of service and quality.



Currently run by the third generation of the Abela family, the passion and drive exhibited by the founding father is ever-present in the current directors, Steve and Pierre Abela. These executives are committed to keeping the family business thriving and its core values alive. The brothers ensure to continue their forefathers’ legacy through the honest execution of every transaction. The business operates under the philosophy that the whole team must work towards one common goal and always work ahead of the curve to remain at the forefront of the local industry. Thus far, the two have succeeded in not only maintaining, but exceeding the high standards set by their predecessors. This reputation for excellence has enabled them to occupy a high position in both consumers’ and suppliers’ minds.