Frico campaign launch April

The new communication campaign was created by Steves&Co for Frico Cheese Slices was launched in Malta in March and will run till April 2016.

The idea of the campaign is to emphasize the quality, and convenience of Frico Cheese Slices as opposed to the cheaper processed cheese slices covered in individual strips of plastic.

Thanks to this delicious high quality cheese, the home chef is able to whip up at ease delicious gourmet sandwiches at their convenience.
In the campaign, we see two work colleagues, both putting together a sandwich while at work, one using frico Cheese slices while the other struggling to use processed cheese slices while enviously looking at his friends sandwich.

The campaign will be aired on national TV and was also supported by a banner campaign and website. Well Known Chef and presenter Sean Gravina was in charge of food styling and put together his own gourmet sandwiches which were used in the campaign.