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Know Your Food: Italian Hams


Cut: Also known as Capocollo, Coppa is cut from the neck or the shoulder of the pig and typically is air-cured and salted.

Taste: Chewy texture. Seasoned with pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and bay leaves.

Commonly used as a cold cut in platters.



Cut: The cut is coming from the pork belly and like coppa is air-cured and salted. The curing period for pancetta is around three weeks.

Taste: Porky flavour, like bacon, but without the smokiness.

Commonly used in pasta dishes, soups, and risotto.


Speck (Alto Adige IGP)

Cut: Speck uses the same cut as prosciutto; however, the difference is that it is smoked before it is dried. The IGP label guarantees the product’s authenticity and quality. Note: There are only 29 certified producers of speck

Taste: Brown in colour. Speck has a thick layer of marble with deep flavour and is known for its smoky taste

Commonly used in pasta dishes, risotto, on pizza or served as a cold cut in platters.



Cut: Guanciale comes from the pig’s jowls and is typically dried for about three months.

Taste: It is commonly known for its fatty flavour. Guanciale is usually seasoned with sage, garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper.

Commonly used in pasta dishes (eg. Pasta Carbonara and Amatriciana) and on Pizza. Tip: Because of its high fat content and rich taste a large amount isn’t needed.




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