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Foxy was launched on the Italian market in 1982 as a brand of toilet paper, kitchen rolls towels, table napkins and tissues, characterized by the presence of a cute little female fox drawn on the packaging. This is how Foxy was born, designed in the studio of one of the most famous Italian cartoonist: Bruno Bozzetto.

The quality of the raw materials, the care for details and the continuous engagement to be “always close to you” described in its TV advertising campaigns have made Foxy one of the most appreciated brands by consumers.

Throughout the years, the Foxy brand has always renewed itself, continuously experimenting and innovating. This is the spirit that gave birth to Foxy Cartapaglia, the kitchen towel made by adding straw cellulose; Foxy Seta, the only pH-neutral toilet paper, and all the other products. Foxy was also one of the very first brands to use the Internet to hold an open dialogue with consumers.

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