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Italy is known to have a wide variety of cheeses. From soft cheeses such as mozzarella to the harder varieties like Parmigiano Reggiano. Let’s take a look at some of Italy’s finest.

1. Parmigiano Reggiano

About the Cheese: Known as the King of Cheeses. Parmigiano Reggiano may only be produced in the Italian region of Parma. This type of cheese is often found grated over pasta. The value of Parmesan cheese increases as it ages.

Taste: Flaky texture and rich flavour (spicy, salty and tangy – all at the same time)

Variations: 12 Months, 23 Months, 30 Months

Commonly used in Salads, Wraps, Risotto, Pasta and Platters

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2. Gorgonzola

About the Cheese: Made using unskimmed cow’s milk. It gets its name from the town in Lombardy.

Taste: Creamy and brie-like in texture. It has an intense garlicy and peppery taste with an aroma of porcini mushrooms, fermented herbs, and cooked butter.

Variations: Gorgonzola Dolce, Gorgonzola Piccante

Commonly used in Pasta, Risotto, Platters

3. Mozzarella

About the Cheese: Typically produced using buffalo milk. Mozzarella is made using the spinning and cutting method known as pasta filata.

Taste: Soft cheese with a pull-apart texture

Variations: Mozzarella Bufola, Mozzarella Fior Di Latte

Commonly used for Pizza, Bread, Pasta, Platters, and Salads

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4. Pecorino

About the Cheese: The pecorino family of cheeses are all made from sheep’s milk. The most common pecorino cheese is pecorino romano.

Taste: Hard, very salty and a slighter sharper taste than parmesan

Variations: Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Toscano, Pecorino Sardo

Commonly used with Pasta, Soup, salads

5. Burrata

About the Cheese: Burrata refers to sacks of mozzarella filled with cream.

Taste: Fresh creamy, buttery cheese with no salt.

Commonly used in Salads or with bread and pasta

6. Ricotta

About the Cheese: Ricotta is a whey cheese made from leftovers in the production of other cheeses. In fact technically ricotta isn’t considered a cheese but a dairy by-product.

Taste: Creamy and sweet

Variations: Different textures and tastes

Commonly used for Desserts (eg. Cannali), Ravioli, Maltese Pastizzi

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7. Mascarpone

About the Cheese: Mascarpone is made by using a cloth to drain the moisture from dairy cream. In fact Its name comes from the word “mascherpa”, which refers to the cream of milk.

Taste: Milky, creamy

Commonly used in Desserts (eg. Tiramisu) and Risotto

Other Notable Mentions

The list of Italian cheeses goes on. Other notable mentions include : Provolone, Asiago, Fontina, Montasio, Castelmagno, Taleggio, Caciocavallo and Scramorza

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